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Designify Architecture Firm - Egypt and UAE: Rooftop Oasis - A rooftop landscape design with lush greenery.

Penthouse Park

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Hyde park , cairo , egypt



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Penthouse Park in the Fifth Settlement of Cairo, Egypt, is envisioned as a modern and tranquil family home that seamlessly integrates nature with contemporary living. Inspired by the idea of a serene and welcoming home, the project aims to craft an atmosphere that combines modern elegance with the comforts of nature.


The desired mood is one of modern tranquility, where each space serves as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The color palette features timeless beige tones, natural stones, and lush greenery, creating a harmonious connection with the outdoors. Penthouse Park is a modern oasis that effortlessly merges contemporary aesthetics with the calming influence of nature, offering a family home that is both stylish and peaceful.

Designify Architecture Firm - Egypt and UAE: Green Escape - The rooftop garden is a green oasis in the sky.
Designify Architecture Firm - Egypt and UAE: Variety of Plantings - The rooftop features a variety of plantings and greenery.
Designify Architecture Firm - Egypt and UAE: Panoramic Views - The rooftop offers panoramic views of the surroundings.


Penthouse Park in the Fifth Settlement of Cairo, Egypt, embraces a modern and calming design style, offering an atmosphere of contemporary tranquility and natural beauty. The color palette, featuring timeless beige tones, natural stones, and abundant greenery, creates an interior that seamlessly connects with the outdoors.

The outdoor living space, water features, and areas designed for family gatherings foster a sense of unity with nature, enhancing the overall atmosphere of relaxation. Special materials, such as natural stones with different textures and colors, and the incorporation of grass, add depth and serenity to the design, making Penthouse Park a modern retreat where contemporary living and nature coexist in perfect harmony, creating a peaceful haven in the heart of Cairo, Egypt.

Designify Architecture Firm - Egypt and UAE: Rooftop Garden - The rooftop is transformed into a vibrant garden.

The exterior design maximizes curb appeal with attractive landscaping and inviting entryways.


Exploring Our Vision in Exterior Design

Experience open-air living at its finest in the exterior and landscape of this home. Our visuals capture spaces tailored for relaxation, recreation, and a deeper connection with nature.

Roof landscape design
Roof landscape design

The roof landscape design is a green oasis in the sky, featuring a lush garden with a variety of plantings, seating areas, and panoramic views, transforming the rooftop into a vibrant escape for relaxation and contemplation.

​Garden Landscape design
Garden Landscape design

The backyard landscape design is a harmonious blend of natural beauty and functional outdoor spaces, with lush gardens, inviting patios, and a tranquil water feature, creating a private sanctuary.